4ª edição das Jornadas de Cultura



Salvaterra de Magos is hosting from September 15 to 24 the 4th edition of the Cultural Days initiative. The initiative, sponsored by the Municipality of Salvaterra de Magos, brings together various activities from historical recreations, exhibitions, the launch of the Magos cultural magazine and a children's book authored by Isabel Stilwell, the Infante D. Luís Prize for the Arts in Painting and Sculpture and Epochs and Falconry.
The objective is to make better known the history and the identity of the municipality through the dynamization of activities of a cultural nature, with the Royal Falconry, a unique building in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the few in Europe, to have a prominent place in the program. 
This year, the Culture Days will also serve to mark the commemorations of the 500th anniversary of the granting of the charter to Salvaterra de Magos by D. Manuel I.
The program starts on September 15 (Friday), at 9pm, with a performance that will portray the arrival of Infante D. Luís to Salvaterra de Magos in a unique and exclusive show that will take place outside the Royal Chapel of Salvaterra de Magicians. The Infante D. Luís will then visit the exhibition that will be visible in the Royal Chapel, entitled "Salvaterra de Magos in the reign of D. Manuel I - The Portuguese Discoveries".
That night will also be launched the number 4 of the MAGOS cultural magazine, which this year will have a special edition dedicated to the 500 years of the Manueline foral. Closing the program of that day highlight the concert with Vox Angelis, at 10 pm, outside the Municipal Library of Salvaterra de Magos. 
On September 16 (Saturday), at 16 hours, will be released the 4th children's book related to Falconry Real. This time the story has the signature of journalist and writer Isabel Stilwell. "The prince D. Luis and the mystery of the stolen map - Salvaterra de Magos year 1515" is the title of the work and will be distributed free of charge to the children present at the launch. The City Council suggests, as in previous years, that in exchange for an autographed book, the children will deliver cereal packages that will later be distributed by the Social Lodge to needy families in the county.
Before, at 3 o'clock, the exhibition "The fashion in the XVI century" will be inaugurated, in the exhibition gallery of Falconry Real. At night, 9 pm, the interior patio of the Falconry receives a Night of Fado with the fadistas António Vasco Moraes and Sandra Correia and Dinis Lavos, with the Portuguese guitar and Jaime Santos with the viola. The opening of the fado night is made with a note by the saxophonist Ricardo Viegas, of the Cultural and Musical Association of Salvaterra de Magos.
September 17 (Sunday) is dedicated to a set of activities related to the practice of Falconry, from training flights and preparation of birds  to a film and workshop on the technique of telemetry harness placement.
The Culture Days continue the following weekend with the presentation of the book "Territories Vinhateiros" by the Association of Portuguese Wine Municipalities, on September 23 (Saturday), at 3:00 pm, followed by the inauguration of an exhibition and a tribute, by the Municipality from Salvaterra de Magos, to Professor Carlos Matias, at the Cais da Vala building, in Salvaterra de Magos.
On September 24 (Sunday) the European Heritage Day will be celebrated with a historical walk through the village of Salvaterra de Magos, starting at 10:30 am.The presentation of diplomas and prizes to the participants of the 2nd edition of the Infante D. Luís Prize at Arts in Painting and Sculpture, in the auditorium of Cais da Vala, at 3 o'clock.
Also during this weekend will be held the Senior Football Tournament of the Municipality of Salvaterra de Magos with matches  on Saturday and Sunday at the Field of Pedrinha in Salvaterra de Magos. 
Professor Carlos Matias
Universidade de Évora Património Cultural - DGPC Município de Salvaterra de magos Associação Portuguesa de Falcoaria República Portuguesa - Cultura
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